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Dr. Christian Kramer


Theoretical Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Center for Molecular Biosciences
Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck
Christian Kramer


CCB - Centrum für Chemie und Biomedizin (Room L.01.121)
Innrain 80/82, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Kramer Lab Homepage


Computer-Aided Drug Design Method Development, including:

- Statistical Scoring Functions

- QSAR/QSPR models and method development

- Chemoinformatics

- (Bio)Chemical Knowledge Generation from Statistical Database Analysis

- Multipolar Electrostatics


Novartis Diversity & Inclusion Award 2011 (internal)

Novartis Spot Award 2011 (internal)

Best Lecture Award at the 21st Molecular Modeling Workshop, Erlangen 2008

Scheffel Prize (Awarded for the best high school diploma, Subject "German") June 2000


Novartis Presidential PostDoc Fellowship 2010 - 2013

Travel award, NBCR Summer Institute 2008, San Diego

Carl-Duisberg Scholarship (for staying abroad in Europe) 2005/2006

Travel & Participation award, 52nd Nobel Laureate Meeting at Lindau, 2002

5-year membership in the upper-rhine literary society, 2000


Chair, Gordon Research Seminar for Computer-Aided Drug Design, Mount Snow, USA, 2015

Chair, Molecular Modeling Workshop 2011, Erlangen

Head of the chemistry student council, University of Erlangen, 2003 - 2005


Personal Google Scholar page


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